Tri-State Financial Group


Serving State and Local Government




Tri-State Financial Group (TFG) provides for the efficient collection of Act 511 Taxes, with all inclusive Tax Administration programs that provide the necessary forms, mailings, collections and payment posting for individual jurisdictions. TFG offers the latest in tax administration technology, with the highest level of efficiency, and unparallel experience in the industry.

TFG services are an essential component to municipal revenue collection efforts that extend far beyond the administration and collection of accounts and the enforcement of municipal laws, regulations and ordinances required with local government. We realize that our services have an impact on everyone that visit, work and reside in the municipalities, and that the amount of revenue collected effects the level of services provided and the quality of life for residents.

Our collection and enforcement programs provide fair and effective collections methods ensuring that local businesses and residents are not disadvantaged by businesses and individuals that do not pay appropriate taxes or comply with their financial obligations to the municipalities.

TFG offers a full array of delinquent collection services ranging from dunning to litigation. Our combined experience, strengths and resources provide the most effective programs in tax administration, collection of delinquent accounts and discovery of unregistered taxpayers.  Our services can be provided through specific projects geared towards client individual needs.

We apply the highest level of care, integrity and professionalism in the delivery of our services.  We believe that the highest level of recovery is achieved utilizing methods that are reasonable and appropriate. We apply sophisticated compliance and collection techniques, which yield the highest level of settlements and collections